The World

"Fear is what drove us to leave. Fear of change.

 Fear of corruption. Fear that with all of our 
knowledge and power we had already failed. 
The machinations of our race were sound in 
their theory. Our prototypes were pure and
 malleable and innocent, and the celebration 
that sparked from our first success lasted for
what felt like an eternity. Not until the drinking 
and singing of ten thousand Vehn had stopped 
did we truly see the disgusting and pale creatures 
we had made. Not until our eyes were clear again 
did we truly fear our own inadequacy."
    -Al Vehn, High Chancellor of the Vehn

One hundred thousand years ago the the world of Kruven was wild and pure. Beasts and monsters ruled the landscape. It was then that a peaceful race of highly evolved jungle creatures calling themselves the Vehn realized their true purpose.They would use the knowledge and magic they had learned in their aeons of cognizance to shape the world as they saw fit, and naturally they would rebuild it in their own image. Thus the Great Experiment began. Two hundred years of trial and error finally yielded their first successful clone. Devoid of any semblance of the Vehn, and designed to evolve at an accelerated rate depending on the environment, The Successor was a pale and peaky child. Their minds a haze after two centuries of constant study and toil, the Vehn rejoiced.

The celebration spanned weeks, then months, then years. Once they had drank their fill and sang their last known song, the Vehn looked with rested eyes upon their mistake. Fear spread through the massive floating city of Jamamros until it reached its highest heights. Until it reached the Chamber of the Wise. It was there that the decision that truly shaped the world was made. The Vehn would leave. They would board their home-ships and depart from the planet, only to return once they had devised a way to fix what they had broken. The vacuum of magic caused by their departure split the world, slamming mountains together and ripping apart the plains. From this upheaval of stone and dirt a new race was born, a race made of the southern desert. Humanity.

From their first realizations of mortality, Humanity knew their time in the desert was limited. They built their cities of sand and water, constantly rebuilding. Their home grew and soon they learned to hew stone from beneath the sands. Always watching southward towards the black, writhing seas. Until one day a man named Raziel foretold of a great storm that would destroy their home and themselves. Humanity fell behind him as he led them north out of the desert and into the rest of the world. There they grew and thrived.

As they were growing, so too were the Successors. The race abandoned by their parents, left to fend for themselves in a world they barely knew. They argued among themselves, all wishing the best for their small race. One group went north to the icelands to become the Urkin, a hard race of savage snow creatures. One group went south into the mountains, becoming the Dwarves. Another group went west into the more forgiving forests, becoming Elves. The last of them chose to stay in the empty city of Jamamros, building a new home and becoming High Elves. 

For tens of thousands of years these races lived together. They fought together, They fought each other. The Urkin, angry at their makers and unsatisfied with the life they had chosen, pushed south out of the icelands, only to be met by humanity. Bolstered by the other races, humans still hold the line in the north, pushing back against the would be invaders. The Humans found peace in the new world until two kings arose. One light king and one dark. The Dwarves dug and mined, finding a friend in humanity. The Elves protected the forest that became their new home, only fighting when necessary. And the High Elves studied the home of their parents, trying to learn as much as they could. 

This is where our story starts.